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The multimedia center has six ways for you to get to know us better. Click on a blue heading to open a link — and your mind. Come back frequently, everyday if you can, to see what's new at The Stoic Registry.

The Stoic Registry on YouTube

The Stoic Registry's video channel on YouTube. It includes videos made by members of the Stoic community as well as Favorites, Subscribers, and Comments. If you wish to add your video to our channel, please contact


Written by individual members of The Stoic Registry. If you wish to add your blog, please contact

Discussion Groups

New members of the Stoic community often express an interest in meeting and talking with other members. Fortunately, we have a considerable variety from which to choose, and now you can go to one place and see them all.

Registry Report

The Stoic Registry's monthly eMagazine featuring Stoic news, an introduction of new members, and an interview with either a member of our community or a prominent figure from the world who has agreed to an interview with us, including the physicist Bernie Haisch and academic authors AA Long and Martha Nussbaum.



In an attempt to keep you abreast of news, updates, and the activities of the members of The Stoic Registry, please join us at Twitter. You can sign up for a FREE account when you go to our Twitter page.

Painted Porch is an online service for building Stoic communities. Much like, PaintedPorch attempts to help people find others in their area that are interested in studying and applying Stoic principles in their daily lives. This site, however, will not charge anything and will not publish your name or your picture.

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