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The Stoic Registry is pleased to provide the following links to other stoic websites.

Stoic Registry Community
To enhance your experience with our Stoic community, please join us on Facebook. Our name is the Stoic Registry Community. We are a "closed" group in that only members of the Stoic Registry are able to join. If you are not a member of FB, you will need to sign up with them before you can join. In the Stoic Registry Community you will be able to have discussions about philosophy and other topics, plus you may find friends in your region to meet in person.

Stoici Amici (Stoic Friends)
A French language discussion group founded by Elen Buzare in 2002 to encourage discussion among French-speaking people similar to the Stoic International Forum. The name of the group, Stoici Amici, was inspired by the Brutus letters that always began, "Stoici amici." There are currently 46 members, mostly French, but also with some French Canadian participants.

Facebook Stoicism Group
An open discussion group with many members, moderated by Mark Johnston and Tristan Desnos. The group is very active but the posts are often less serious than in other forums.

Reddit Stoicism Topics
reddit is a source for what's new and popular online. vote on links that you like or dislike and help decide what's popular, or submit your own!

Stoic Community Forum
an open forum for the stoic community.

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