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Philosophy For Life , By Julian Evans
... And Other Dangerous Situations

Stoa Del Sol , By Beatrix Murrell
The Stoa Del Sol Is A Contemporary Forum For Essays That Reflect Some Of The Historical Principles Of Stoicism In Relation To A New Cosmology And New Spiritual Paradigm Prompted By Modern Science And Systems Theories.

Words Of The Ancient Wise , By Michel Daw
Michel's Blog Publishes The Book, Words Of The Ancient Wise: A Day Book Of Epictetus And Marcus Aurelius In A Daily Feed.

Among The Poseidonians , R. Kevin Hill

The Blog Of Ciceronianus , By Anonymous
Musings Of A Neo-Stoic Pragmatist Lawyer On Most Anything

The First Science , By Douglas J.H Moore
The Aim Of This Project Is To Provide The Foundations Of A New Unifying Science. The Inspiration Comes From Stoic Philosophy, Particularly The Logic Of Chrysippus. Other Sources Of Inspiration Are From Leibniz, Hegel, And C.S. Peirce. Modern Influences Come From Geometric Algebra And The Work Of David Hestenes Towards A Universal Algebra For Mathematics And And The Sciences.

Dave Alton's Deist Blog , By Dave Alton
Most People Have Either Never Heard Of Deism Or Consider It To Be Of Historical Interest Only. Its Roots Can Be Traced To Ancient Greece And It Flourished For A While In The Eighteenth Century In Britain And America, A Product Of The Enlightenment. Many Of America?S Founding Fathers ? Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, James Madison And The British Radical Thomas Paine ? Were Deists.

Mountain Stoic , By Kevin Patrick
Letters from Appalachia - a project documenting my reading and progress with Stoicism. , By Ralph Kurz ist das Info-Portal füer praktizierende Stoiker und an der stoischen Lebens-Philosophie oder Stoa interessierte Menschen im deutschsprachigen Raum.

Traditional Stoicism , By Chris Fisher
These posts differentiate traditional Stoicism from the various modern iterations that diverge, often dramatically, from the essential elements of Stoic philosophy as historically understood.

A Stoic Look , By J
Un blog pour découvrir en théorie et en pratique le stoïcisme contemporain, à travers des récits de vie, des comptes rendus de livres et de nombreux autres écrits originaux.

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